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Welcome! My name is Kari McArdle. I grew up in Damariscotta/Newcastle and called it home for 23 years before joining the military and heading off to see the world. After 8 years I settled down in Bellingham, WA and returned to school to become a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist where I found I had a passion for adaptive recreation. I began working for Max Higbee Center, a community organization providing recreation opportunities to teens and adults with developmental disabilities. I have been managing social media platforms for non-profits since 2010, and find great joy in helping small businesses reach their audience in an authentic way that fits their values. 


In 2021 it became clear that it was time to move back home and be closer to family and loved ones. Although I moved across the country, I continue to work with Max Higbee Center providing web design, database management, and social media marketing. I value spreading roots and investing in my local community, and look forward to rebuilding connections and creating new ones right here in our little village. 

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